Become an Instructor

2 trainings a year are held where you can become an instructor.  This year’s trainings as follows:

2020 Dates for Infant Massage Instructor Training:

Christchurch:  Saturday and Sunday 22 & 23 Feb, Sat 29 Feb & Sun 1 March 2020.  St Martins, Christchurch.

Auckland:  Thursday 21st May to Sunday 24th May 2020. Kawai Purapura Yoga Retreat, Albany.  9am-5pm each day.

Christchurch: Thursday 5th September to Sunday 8th September 2019. Venue TBC.  9am-5pm each day.

For an application form and further details please contact NZ IAIM Trainer Jo Osborne at:

The 4-day course covers all the theory you will need to become an infant massage instructor to teach parents how to massage their babies. This is with the International Association of Infant Massage (IAIM), who are globally recognized, so you can take this qualification to any part of the world. As well as helping parents to bond with their baby, the massage has therapeutic effects for both the parent and infant. Our philosophy means that we never massage someone else’s baby but use a doll to teach parents the strokes.

The training is a four-day intensive training to get you ready to become an instructor. It covers the theory of working with typically developing infants, infants with colic/tummy pain, as well as premature and special needs children. Real parents and babies attend classes over the 4-day training so you can see the benefits for yourself and each student gets an opportunity to teach a very small component of the class (approx. 5 mins), which students find a wonderful experience. You will feel well prepared after the four days to go out there and start your new role as an infant massage instructor. After the course you have 4 months to complete the associated course work (up to a year in extenuating situations). The course work is very enjoyable, simple and easy to do, and is there to support your learning as a new infant massage instructor. It involves teaching 5 parents and their babies infant massage over 5 weekly sessions so you may want to start thinking about how you will recruit 5 parents and babies before coming on the course. The course work also involves answering some multiple choice questions, short answer questions, as well as a few essay-style questions and reflection on your 5-week teaching.

The course costs $850 and can be paid in installments or in one go at any time prior to the course commencing. This includes books, manuals, tuition fees, marking your course work, and your first year subscription to the NZ chapter of the IAIM.

You will need a doll for the course and your new role as an infant massage instructor. The doll needs to have a hard face, hands and feet, but soft arms, legs and body.  The doll’s eyes need to be open.  Many dolls in toys shops are not appropriate for infant massage instruction as they may be too small or hard all over.  You can purchase infant massage dolls from us for a cost of $150 plus $25 post and packaging.  This seems a lot we know, but they are made especially for the job and will be your biggest investment and tool as an instructor.  We import them from Spain where they are designed and made, and so have to cover our import costs. You are not obliged to buy a doll from us, but you will need a doll for the course. If this cost is out of reach for you right now, then search around the toy shops for another suitable option.